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Our Mission & Philosophy


Our Mission 

  1. To help parents mould their children into mature, virtuous and competent adults who act with a great sense of freedom and responsibility, and are eager to serve others.
  2. To help parents develop their competence as primary educators by offering Continuing Education Programs.

Our Philosophy

We believe that in order to reach the highest potential of our existence, we need to develop the whole person. We aim to achieve the harmonious development and ordering of the mind, will, heart and body of every child at Cherrybrook. 
Character education is a key component of our curriculum because the acquisition of virtues enables a person to develop an upright and integral personality. 
Our second foundational belief is that parents are the primary educators of their children and the home is the child’s first and most important school. Parents therefore have the right and responsibility to direct the education of their children. They should be the dominant influence in their upbringing. We believe that parents need to undertake the upbringing of their children with total self-giving so that their children are given the very best opportunities to realize their full potential.
Consequently, in Cherrybrook, parents hold first place of importance. Parents delegate – but never fully abdicate – their task in part to teachers, but they will always be the most important agents in their child’s education. And since teachers serve parents as collaborators in this fundamental educational responsibility, they hold second place. Parents entrust an important part of their child’s education to the teachers, therefore through both word and example, teachers reinforce the virtues that parents teach their children. In this, they become genuine partners with parents in helping students become well-educated.
We firmly believe, and it has been proven by years of experience in our affiliate schools worldwide, that when this order is in place, a wonderful atmosphere of growth and learning is created. Parents and teachers also benefit and grow in significant ways to forge an ethos - this vibrant, united and spirited culture - and environment both at home and school, in which students can truly learn to seek the truth and to be responsible.
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