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Our Story

In 1998 a group of parents formed PAFED (Parents For EDucation), a not-for-profit organisation inspired by the spirit and teachings of Saint Josemaria Escriv√°, the founder of the Opus Dei Prelature. 
St Josemaria challenged parents to be the protagonists in their child's education and correspondingly in the life of the school. Our children's schools should be an extension of our home, coherent with our personal and family values.  
Through his writings and personal encounters with families, St Josemaria encouraged parents to be the first educators of their children, starting with a silent and self sacrificing attitude, in order to create and develop these schools.
Cherrybrook Kindergarten started in 2001 with an initial enrollment of seven children along with seven teachers. Now more than a decade on, we have grown more than tenfold!
We owe our existence to people who have contributed their time and finances to make this school a reality - some of whom did not have children attending our school.
Cherrybrook is one of over 150 schools worldwide which share the same fundamental principles of mission, philosophy, practices and views on education. Some of our schools started as kindergartens and have grown all the way up to pre-college level, providing a seamless delivery of our unique education. Others start from the top, at university level. We all share the same vision of empowering and partnering parents in their journey of educating their children. 
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