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School Crest

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Elements of our Crest

The Singapore map aims to distinguish our school from the sister schools abroad. The white star marks the approximate location of the school within Singapore. It is a symbol of excellence which the parents, staff and children strive to achieve at all times.
The sword symbolises honour in upholding truth (moral formation) and virtue (character formation) whilst the pen, excellence in education (of body and mind). Both sword and pen are inseparable in the pursuit of intellectual excellence. This is perfected only at the service of truth and virtue, which in turn, sustain it. These criss-cross within the crest to guard this cherished principle on which our school is founded.
The three cherries symbolise the parents and our staff with the children in between.
The stylised stalk is the Mandarin character for , water (brook). Water is universally symbolic for cleansing and the sustenance of life. This supports the aim of forming children who would refresh society with their wholesomeness, love for life and spirit of service.
With the passage of time, water in a brook hones the edges of rocks in it. In the same way, the constant example of parents and our team gives rise to the steady character formation of our children.
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