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Here's what parents have to say about us:

"The curriculum of Cherrybrook is good enough to transit them from K2 to P1 for all 3 subjects - English, Math and Chinese- In fact you guys covered more than what is required. 
The virtues continues to be useful for us. 
The Cherrybrook environment helped both our child and us parents transit quite seamlessly into the new school.
Thank you for the wonderful job you do!" 
Jeng Tek and Sue Lynn
Mum and Dad of Wey Jen

"Reflecting back, when we first went searching for a good preschool for Aidan, we had many 
considerations: the quality of the teachers, a well balance curriculum, conducive environment, 
and most importantly a school which teaches our son with the right virtues and character 
foundation that will last a lifetime.

At Cherrybrook, as the teacher-to-child ratio is relatively low, the teachers were able to provide 
individual attention and LOVE so as to provide an age/stage appropriate challenging and yet 
nurturing rich environment with a variety of experiences enabling the child to grow physically, 
emotionally, intellectually and socially.

The good testament of a good school is best exhibited by how a child is being transformed. From 
young, Aidan has a bit of assertive and competitive spirit within. Through the 4 years in 
Cherrybrook, we see how Aidan have been edified and these traits brought to balance where he 
embraces the virtues such as humility, excellence and fortitude.

Pleasantly surprised, we also noted Aidan’s smooth transition into Primary One: not only has he 
adjusted well to a completely new social environment, a higher emphasis on academics excellence, 
expectation to be a more independent learner, he has continued to embrace and practice the 
virtues he learned in Cherrybrook whenever he faces any challenges in the new school. Thanks to 
the passion and commitment of the teachers, we are confident that these experience and formation 
developed at Cherrybrook will continued to serve Aidan in good stead in the future."
Becky & Frank
Mum & Dad of Aidan


"We feel that putting our children through Cherrybrook during their formative years is one of the best decisions we have made for them.

Contrary to most Singapore schools that focus on academic excellence and spend too little time on character building, inculcating the children on the importance of virtues and incorporating these virtues into their daily lives is a core part of the Cherrybrook education. We began to realise that Cherrybrook's students are generally kind, collaborative and well behaved because of their focus on learning and practising the different virtues.

The Cherrybrook's community is also extremely close knitted. Till today, we stay in close touch with many Cherrybrook teachers and parents and attend various Cherrybrook events. Our kids still miss their Cherrybrook days and find every opportunity to visit the school. My wife and I are convinced that Cherrybrook's focus on virtues is a cornerstone of the close knitted community.

Nonetheless, what touched us the most is the teaching faculty at Cherrybrook. The teachers truly care for their students development and well being and take lots of effort and time thinking about each child and working closely with and involving the parents in the child's development. They are also living role models for the children with their acts of selflessness, positive attitude, cheerfulness and composure."
Sara and Keng Huat
Mum & Dad of Ethan and Celeste


"All three of our children attended Cherrybrook Kindergarten between the years of 2003-2011 and over the course of this period, we have seen the school transform itself from a small, humble outfit with a handful of children to the successful and established institution it is today. 

We believe the main appeal of Cherrybrook that sets it apart from other pre schools, is its strong emphasis on character formation. This is not something that is merely preached or touted as a selling point but instilled upon and put into practice on a daily basis by the entire school community. 

There is also a generally low turnover of staff, many teachers have been with the school for a long time and have a strong sense of loyalty and attachment to it. This makes for a stable, secure and happy environment for the children. The teachers are warm, kind and caring individuals who are extremely dedicated to their profession and have a genuine love for the children in their care. 

Cherrybrook stands out as a centre of excellence for the early years because it truly believes in the value of a holistic education and adheres firmly to its long term vision of partnering parents in moulding their children into mature, responsible and well adjusted adults of the future."
Gail & Philip Wang
Mum & Dad of Naomi, Zoe and Eve
"We’ve had both a girl and boy at Cherrybrook. Because of work overseas, our kids have seen a few top branded schools.  There are other schools with fancier or bigger facilities than Cherrybrook.  But at Cherrybrook, the teachers’ level of attention, care, communication and professionalism is second to none. Our girl made important progress in key subjects like English and Chinese to prepare for SCGS.
She’s now at her bigger school but misses Cherrybrook. Our boy remains and likes it almost as much our iPad!  Outstanding."
Wan May & Marc Hardy
Mum & Dad of Scott, Sasha & Mia
"Cherrybrook has transformed us as parents. Our family entered more than 10 years ago, and have had a child in the school continuously since then.
We often receive compliments on our children's behaviour - particularly when we are not with them - and we believe this is certainly largely the result of the courses, talks and workshops offered by the school which have taught us how to be better parents."
Julie & Bernard Ng
Mum & Dad of Hannah, Leah, Noah & Micah
"Over the last two years, we have seen how Cherrybrook’s holistic approach has helped shape our son to be more confident and independent. On the academic front, the curriculum constantly feeds his curiosity about the world, and we love how he tells us excitedly about what he learns in school every day.

The passion and commitment the teachers put in to ensure that every situation, good or bad, can be turned into a learning opportunity is what sets Cherrybrook apart from others. It is readily apparent how much the teachers care about the learning and well-being of the children. We are glad to be part of the Cherrybrook family." 
Adelene & Marcus Lee
Mum & Dad of John
"Being Cherrybrook parents for six years has helped both our sons and ourselves. Their focus on character formation, virtues, holistic education and active participation of parents, has undoubtedly been an enriching experience. For our sons, Cherrybrook has been a second-home, where they found genuine love, nurturing and the freedom to express themselves fully. Seeing them develop as wholesome individuals over the years, we are confident that the experience and formation at Cherrybrook, will serve them in good stead in future."
Caroline & Remi D’souza
Mum & Dad of Benedict & John-Paul
"We chose Cherrybrook for our children because we wanted a pre-school that emphasises character building while developing the child academically. Over the years we have seen our son develop and build his character around the virtues that he has learned. We are particularly impressed by the dedication and passion of their teachers.  Our daughter has just started in N1. Both our children enjoy going to school and look forward to go to school each week." 
Apsara & Keng Huat Koay
Mum & Dad of Ethan & Celeste
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