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Continuing Education for Parents

While as parents, you have an innate ability for the upbringing of your children, you also have a corresponding responsibility to strengthen and improve upon this capability.  
As parents, you must also strive to grow in these same qualities of mind and character that you wish your children to acquire! 
In Cherrybrook, we recognize that parents need and want help - especially in the form of educational opportunities - to meet all the challenges parenting brings with it today. We make available to all parents, continuing education in the form of short courses, seminars, workshops, talks and other activities. The active participation of parents in these programmes have enabled many of our mums and dads to slowly perfect their role as primary educators of your children. 
 “Parents in our society today are thrown in the deep end and have to splash the length of the pool as best they can.  The temptation is to say, ‘I’ve heard it before’, but the reality is that we need to hear good advice often, reflect on it frequently and adapt it to our circumstances.  Experience shows that it’s not good enough to have heard the theory of how to be a good parent; constant self-evaluation is needed.” 
Redfield College, a college prep school in Australia which shares Cherrybrook’s philosophy and mission
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