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Education in the Virtues

What is Virtue? A virtue is a habit and disposition of the heart formed by repetition of good actions that build the moral character.  Virtues are quite different from values. Values pertain to personal preference or group consensus, they may or may not be moral, and are subjective. Virtues however, are objectively good and they necessarily involve actions which help to improve a person’s life as a whole.
Through the implementation of The Virtues Projects (www.virtuesproject.com), we foster in our children virtues such as orderliness, respect, peacefulness, excellence, responsibility, fortitude, generosity, perseverance, self-discipline, amongst many others. 
Thfriend.pnge acquisition of these virtues combined with the love for noble values and ideals are the cornerstones for a child’s character development.  This is a lifelong task. To this end, Cherrybrook plays a key role in helping parents set a strong and lasting foundation in place so that their children are well prepared to undertake their journey through life.

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