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Tutorial System

As part of our personalised education, a tutor will be assigned to your family and will work closely with you in the development of your child. Our team of tutors are like mentors and friends to your child and your family. They take a personal interest in the overall well-being of your child and their aim is to help you in the education of the whole person.
Our tutors have many years of experience working with families and undergo continuous formation on a regular basis. Thus, valuable exchanges of parenting experiences and expertise are available through regular dialogues, in particular, through the Parent-Tutor Chats which are held several times a year. During these chats, concrete goals and action plans are developed together and both the home and the school use them to encourage our children to achieve their personal best in every area of school life. This friendship with the tutors however, extends beyond the Parent Tutor Chats. Your family will have a peace of mind knowing that you are not alone in this exciting and challenging adventure as parents!
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