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Partnering and empowering parents

About Us

PAFED (Parents For EDucation) is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise started by a group of parents in Singapore in 1998 who were inspired by the spirit and teachings of Saint Josemaria Escrivá, the founder of the Opus Dei Prelature. 

PAFED owns and operates Cherrybrook Preschool.  It is part of a worldwide network of schools which share the same fundamental principles of mission, philosophy, practices and views on education. Some of these schools have preschool to university levels, providing a seamless delivery of a unique education. We all share the same vision of empowering and partnering parents in their journey of educating their children. 



Our Crests
Mission and Philosophy


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To help parents mould their children into mature, virtuous and competent adults who act with a great sense of freedom and responsibility, and are eager to serve others.

To help parents develop their competence as primary educators by offering continuing education programmes.


Our philosophy is centred on:


The belief that parents are the child’s most important educators.  

Parents have the right and responsibility to direct the education of their children and be the dominant influence in their upbringing.  Together with the teachers who reinforce the virtues through their own example and words, parents are assured of a genuine partnership between home and school.

Our school exists to support parents, and parents have chosen our school because it supports their values and they benefit from the regular family and parenting programmes.

Fostering academic excellence, not as an end in itself, but as a means to solid character formation. 

Our school’s character education programme is a key component of the curriculum because the acquisition of virtues is the foundation for an upright and integral personality and for future success.  Through their work, the children are taught virtues such as obedience, order, sincerity, perseverance, fortitude and generosity.

Our Team
CB K2 Graduation 17 Nov 2016-18_edited.j


Dedicated staff who are positive role models

We believe that every member of our team influences our children... be it the teacher, the administrative personnel, the cook or the cleaner. Hence, great care is taken to ensure that each team member believes in our mission and philosophy, and is open to learn and to grow, not just professionally, but as persons as well.  All staff attend weekly formation sessions at the school.

We are blessed with a team of teachers who are competent and passionate about education and love working with preschoolers.  Many of them have been with us for more than 10 years. They are both instructor and mentor to every child in their care, and their goal is to know each child individually and to work with the rest of the team, helping your child achieve his fullest potential.   

Our Facilities


EC gdn.jpeg

Cherrybrook Preschool Farrer

82 Queen's Road
Singapore 266774

Cherrybrook Preschool Thomson

14A Marigold Drive
Singapore 576416

Cherrybrook Preschool East Coast

6 Jalan Ulu Siglap
Singapore 457127

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